SYear: 2021-22 / Price and size: Consult / In Jet Printing museological quality

Series “Synchronicity” / “Self-portrait”
Photographs – Double exposure. Single Take. It is not image montage.
Based on the book “Synchronicity” by Carl Gustav Jung.

Synchronicity (sin-, from the Greek συν-, union, and χρόνος, time) is the term chosen by Carl Gustav Jung to refer to “the simultaneity of two events linked by meaning, but in an acausal way”

This is a good “technical” presentation to define this work, photography is its essence, it is an instant, tenths of seconds where something that only exists in Silvina’s thoughts is captured.

We take a memory and we oversize it, we make it body, Her body, the marks of the past in her present, which will soon be future.
Chance is a game, you win and lose, she is lucky and often wins, Space and Time align (Synchronicity), and generate a personal, pure and rustic aesthetic.
There is a need to repeat symbols, metaphors… objects belonging to the author that need to be current again for a moment, even if it is to be exposed and remembered, to reaffirm not only the past but also the physical body itself.
This is how Silvina speaks, unconsciously, without reasoning, exploding in improvisation, sometimes with harsh results, extreme images, with unreal colors and shapes that transform.
There is always a self-portrait and a memory in the form of an object, always being images that are captured in the same space, an aesthetic and conceptual fusion is “coincidentally” produced, that is, magic, or we can also say poetry.
Time does not go unnoticed, childhood memories that always bring nostalgia, intersect with this physical present, which now, has “passed”, now everything is past, photography is always past.

Alberto Natan